Ruth Alexander
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Born in Texas on August 08, 1950 as Thelma Ruth Brown.
Married William Magee
Daughter - Ramona Ruth Magee was born on May 2nd.
Son - James Edward Magee was born on August 20th.

Divorced Bill Magee on August 5th - Ruth and Bill remained family friends

Married Jim Alexander on July 29 -
Ruth and Jim met in Oct 1983 and became great friends.
In Jan 1988 Jim asked Ruth to marry him and she accepted.

Ruth and Jim traveled from Texas to Germany in 1988, from Germany to Ft Bragg, NC in 1991, and from Ft Bragg, NC to Texas in 1994.
Ruth and Jim buys a home of their own on Nov 19th.
They finally settle down.
Passed away on September 24, 2004 at the age of 54.

                                     Ruth will be
                               "Forever In Our Hearts"
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